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I happened to look at the Yahoo article on the endangered Mississippi gopher frog… and then did some more searching and found this interesting article from the Georgia area Nature Conservancy.

Check out what a gopher frog sounds like here. Hmmm…are we sure they didn’t just tape my husband sleeping? ;-p

Best of all: they glow!

“Before they were released, John Jensen of the Georgia DNR injected all four metamorphosed frogs and many of the legged tadpoles with a small amount of fluorescent elastomer under the skin of the thighs.

Harmless to the critters, this bright orange substance illuminates under black light, allowing biologists to monitor the progress of these individuals as they continue to grow and breed.”

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before you can buy glow-in-the-dark frogs commercially (probably make a fortune selling them at a rave).

Here’s another nice article mentioning how they sometimes cover their eyes when picked up.

Finally, I bought the coolest insect toy (hey, it’s research for the children’s library…yeah, that’s the ticket…): BugBonz

I’m going to have to go back and buy the big set: ExoBonz Deluxe!


You gotta love a company that makes these toys and publishes some top notch children’s books. Curious Pictures / Curious Toys publishes two of my favorite kids books:

 Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems (who, I just now discovered, is the director of Curious Pictures!)

Knuffle Bunny also by Mo Willems

{also found the Barbie “punk butterfly princess” on their site… which is just odd}

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The Signs and Planets

picture copyright free but here’s where to find stuff like this: www.fromoldbooks.org

Last week was quite a slog, as I am suffering yet again from a wretched cold/walking pneumonia. Erg!

To make matters worse, everyone kept requesting all kinds of freaky books (the latest being books on water therapy). Yes, my good public, I am silently (well, not NOW, obviously…now I’m kvetching to everyone) judging you.

Sure, librarians are supposed to look up all requests with a smile and we usually do. Ah, but if you could only hear the internal comments…

So, one day I ended up going to Wikipedia to find some obscure information (a good place for the obscure!) and a coworker saw what website I was on and sniffed, “Harumf, you can’t trust anything from Wikipedia to be true.”

OK, fine. Lots of articles debating this issue back and forth.

But, here’s the real issue: I can say the same for a large part of the books in our library.

Where do we get off criticizing the authority of websites while we regularly hand over copies of The Secret, loads of books by Sylvia Browne, and tons of books about very questionable medical treatments?!

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The mouse tells Alice a story

(not Mother Goose but implies weirdness… fromoldbooks.org) 

While researching some possible music to use at baby story time (it’s a dirty job but …), I stumbled across this oddness.

Mother Goose Rocks, Volume 3

Great googly moogley! They made 5 volumes of this?! I feel ill.

You really should take a listen yourself. They have taken popular hit pop songs and changed the lyrics to match nursery rhymes. For example, a Maddonna-ish singer doing “Wheels on the Bus” to the tune of “Ray of Light.” Oh, the pain, the pain…(channel your inner Dr. Smith).

As a prime example, I give you the remake of a Gwen Stefani song that makes me cringe (and do we really want a reference of “around the bush” in a Stefani song for kids 😉 I’m guessing this is to appeal to the parents of the little pikers. Someone, say, Brittany’s age…or her sister, perhaps?

I do have to admit that this video spoof of U2 doing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” did make me laugh. Enjoy!

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Passion Flower 

Photo by Phantom Midge

Yes, I haven’t been posting lately. My luck has run out and I have managed to catch the creeping crud that has been running rampant throughout the population. Must have zigged when I should have zagged!

But, I did play around with the splendiferous camera that my husband gave me this past Christmas…see above picture. I am still getting the hang of the macro settings, as it takes some fiddling to get it to focus right.

This is some variety of passion flower. I could probably look up which one, but since I just took a huge swig of NyQuil I don’t really care to. If you must know, however, you might try to match it up with one of the pictures here at this site.

For some real fun, check out this YouTube clip showing anther flipping action!

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