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(You just KNOW Freud would have had a field day with this illustration!)

I had two very different conversations with two kids this week at the library. They went a little like this:

Conversation #1:

     After a program, I am looking at some children’s books we had set out with a boy in 4th grade. He is talking about one of the pictures when he suddenly stops mid-sentence, wrinkles his nose and says,

      Boy: “What smells!?”

      Me: “Not me!” After I pretend to smell my pits in an exaggerated way (Hey, am I classy or what).

     He then mimics me, smells his pits, looks surprized and says,

     Boy: “Ug. It’s me!”


Conversation #2:

 I am sitting at the Reference Desk when a very diminutive 4th grade boy walks up and says,

     Boy: “Can you tell me where the philosophy section is?”

     Me: (being a good librarian and asking for more info) Yes, but we have a lot of books in that area… can you tell me more about what type of book you want? (blah, blah, blah)”

     Boy: “Well, I’m looking for books written by Nietzsche.”

     Me: “Nietzsche???!!!” (Jaw dropping to floor)

     Boy: “Yes, he was a great philosopher…I’ve already finished reading Kierkegaard so I thought I’d try Nietzsche now. Do you want me to spell his name for you?”


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(Yes, I’m still listening to kid music Cd’s since I am a children’s librarian and need to use this stuff for programs…)

In a previous post, I had mentioned the very odd music Cd’s and videos from Mother Goose Rocks.

Well, now we have another series of odd music for kiddies: Rockabye Baby!

They take popular artists and perform their songs as lullabies for kids. This gets very, very odd when you discover the “lullaby renditions” of The Cure. Gee, oddly enough, they choose not to do a version of “Killing an Arab”…..wonder why…..

These are all instrumentals done mainly with, …are you ready for this…, a glockenspiel, vibraphone and mellotron. I’m not sure how that transfers for the Metallica album but the Beach Boys one stinks. Check out all the odd titles here!

Awww…they have a music box version of “Mother’s Little Helper” from the Rolling Stones so you can lull your wee little babe to sleep with a song about tranquilizer misuse….so sweet and lovely!

Oh, I can’t wait to see what comes out next…

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Verily, our tree was smote from above!

First off, everyone hates us this time of year because we have a HUGE cottonwood tree in the backyard. This tree was growing way before they built our house in the 1920’s but no one cares. All they see are the tufts of cottonwood seeds floating down into their yards, screens, pools, etc…

 blizzard of seeds

OK, I admit, it is a blizzard of seeds around this time of year. However, it does provide great shade and the leaves sound pretty when the wind blows. Other than that, it sheds branches and leaves like crazy and is a general pain.

Yesterday, lightning struck the tree. While I was not home, my husband and dog tell me it was quite an amazingly loud blast…well, at least I am guessing that’s what the tail between the legs and whimpering means…and I think the dog’s scared, too 😉

Here is a picture of where the lightning met the ground (although doesn’t it arc from the ground up? whatever). You can see that it kicked up a big hole in the earth.
don\'t sit under the cottonwood tree
 There are bits of shattered wood all over the backyard, the neighbors’ yards and even our front porch. That thing packed a powerful punch! 

shards \'o\' tree

Now, of course, we have to decide what to do…..we have an arborist coming out next week to take a look. I’ll keep you posted.



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Song of the Tick

 Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis (deer tick image from Wikipedia Commons)

While doing some online research (that’s a way to surf the web AND get paid for it!) I came across an amusing song about ticks. Oddly enough, there aren’t many lyrical odes to these small blood sucking creatures…

Larry Heagle came up with the amusing Wood Tick Song. Check out the full lyrics at his website.

 I have to admit that even though I like most creepy crawlies, ticks creep me out!

When I used to work at a nature center, I would always find at least one crawling on my clothing this time of year. Luckily, they had never embedded. I remember one irate parent called to complain that they had found a tick (fully engorged…ha, now all the porn sites will stumble across this link!) on their kid after they had hiked the trails. I guess they forgot to buy their body-size plastic bubble at the gift shop before setting out on their walk…or perhaps they missed the nature trail marked “Nature Without all the Icky Stuff This Way.”

Now, don’t confuse ticks with this superhero:

(Gotta watch out for that Apocalypse Cow…)

          p.s.: I know it’s not an insect but I can’t edit my categories…it will have to be close enough

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Well, this is just too fun to pass up! A very young Jim Henson (who looks a lot like my Uncle Jim…) explaining how to make a commercial (with hilarious results).


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Warning: NOT for the squeamish!

Chapter One:

     Oh, bugger…a hangnail thingy on my big toe. I’ll just pull that tiny shard off, since it IS sandal weather and that flap doesn’t look too good…

Chapter Two:




ripped it clean off Ripped the whole thing clean off…

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