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Couldn’t Resist Creating One…

Strewth! I just got slapped with a wet salmon – really – I have not updated this since Hammertime was in the charts… You would not believe how much more of a drama I could make that. Apologies to my regular readers! Even the little blue ones!.I am hopped up on caffeine with only your readership as life preserver, being distracted by the shiny, just generally being a nuisance to society in general, my day is filled with fluorescent light from the first cockadoodledoo from the rooster to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am wearing my budgie smugglers. as well you should know.

I will try to remember I promised you I will make more of an effort to blog more often until the nice men in the white coats come back. No, really! Unless of course the pool with the cocktail bar is heated!.


       The above was created with The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator (and a tip ‘o’ the cap to The Vampire Librarian for finding this little gem!)

Oh, and I picked “budgie smugglers” without knowing what it meant because it sounded funny. Here is what it refers to, however…oops!

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Just a quick note to share the fine print from a British imported CD I recently borrowed from our library.

It amused me:

“Whilst the enhanced portion of this CD should run happily on most computers with a current web browser…”

It’s just so civilized and makes me think of the little program humming happily to itself as it runs on my computer.


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(Photo from Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library )

The most anal pedometer challenge EVER!

Our library was offering free pedometers if you agreed to participate in the employee step challenge and I thought, sure, why not. I figured I would just clip the thingy on me and go about business as usual. Sadly, no.

They gave us some damn touchy plastic pedometers. Below are the actual instructions sent to us by management on how to properly use it:

     You really DO need to wear it close to the center of your body – not “out there” on that outer belt loop.   The pedometer needs to feel the motion of both legs striding; wear it off  to one side and you run the risk of it not registering half of your steps.


             You’ll hear a teeny little “clicking” sound as you take steps – that’s the weight inside the meter, ticking back and forth to change the counter.   So ANY time you hear a “click” you’ve added steps.


             Whenever you compromise the location of the pedometer, i.e. in the restroom;  changing into your walking/workout duds, etc……you might tweak a few extra steps from the gadget.   Or, you might accidentally press the Reset button and clear out the steps.   Please be aware of this and take a look at the number on the  device before manipulating your clothing.  Use care when performing “potentially button-pushing activities,” such as  buckling your seatbelt, leaning over to load/unload your car after shopping, etc. – make sure your pedometer hasn’t zeroed out.  


When (not if) the screen goes BLANK (because it will, esp. if you set it down “flat” for awhile):

              Do not panic and start pressing any ol’ button.

              Press the “Reset” (R) button ONLY ONCE .   Your step count should re-appear.   If you press the (R) button twice, it will clear out your step count entirely.

Cripes! Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball!

I think you have to wear this pedometer while on the “road to Hell” although there is currently no word on how the pavers will affect performance…

My favorite line, however, is ‘before manipulating your clothing’….how can I work that into casual conversation?

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Wow! This guy deserves an award for the best response letter to a library patron. It really is an amazingly worded, thoughtful response (I know, I know, you were hoping for something snarky…best to check Craigslist for that!) to a challenge of a book about gay marriage, Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.

It’s a long-ish letter, so please take a moment to check it out at his blog, myliblog, in it’s entirety.

Good stuff!

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I have had this blog up and limping along now for one year. Is time speeding up?

Traditionally, one lists some of the goofy search terms (WordPress keeps track of this) that people used to stumble upon the blog, so here it goes…

Let’s call it: I don’t know what you were looking for but boy are you in the wrong place!

“newts lime water”                       (sounds like a new Jones Soda flavor to me)

“help her into the top bunk”        (WTF?!)

“valerie worth the groundhog”      (the banjo gets angry at midnight!)

“comic strips about road workers”   (a niche market, I’m sure)

“brain matters bankruptcy”               (running on empty myself…)

“smuggling animal skulls”               

“varmit teeth”

“terable [sic] noise ever”

“spider bits”                                 (very tiny, indeed)

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The Month of Ugh-ust

Ugh! I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy as I have this month. Meaning that I am neglecting my blog (but then again, who cares anyway??).

So, how about a few rapid-fire posts (because I feel like it, that’s why…).

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Here’s a picture of my latest house guests:

Last month, a presenter we had at the library brought in some cecropia moths she has been rearing. They had mated and the female laid eggs all over the cage. The woman insisted I take some eggs home with me (I think she just wanted to thin out the herd…).

So, I now have a cage full of these caterpillars. As I was changing their branch today, I noticed that two of them are now starting to look very colorful like the late instar. I can’t wait until they are bigger. Although…where I will put them then is anyone’s guess. (Linda, I think I have a present for you…)

A number of them have bit the dust, as I expected a few would. Still, that leaves me with around 30. I have been raising them on lilac, so I’m not sure they will change food sources this late in the game. Frankly, I don’t know a thing about them. There is a great site here with some photos and info, but other sites usually say something like, “look in the guide book to determine food source plants.”

Eventually, i will need to either free them outside so they can pupate or find a really big cage for them to make their cocoons in and then stick it out in the garage for the winter. I think I’ll at least keep one or two (assuming I can get them this far) so I can see them emerge next year. The moths are so big and beautiful!

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Alternate Title: My Big Fat Arm (now, if I was Greek that would have really worked there)

Jobst Gauntlet



<Actual picture from product box whose caption should read:

                 “Does this gauntlet make my butt look fat?!”

To my detriment, I have ignored my lymphedema (or lymphoedema as some say…but does that make me a lympho?) and it has gotten worse. My left arm is a big, bloated beached whale of an arm now. Of course, I have no one to blame but myself for this, as I ignored what I know I needed to do (much like I ignore the fact that I should stop drinking caffeine and eating fatty foods).

So, I went through (again!) what is called comprehensive decongestive therapy, which sounds like something involving reflective sessions and mentholated cough drops. Unfortunately, it involved wrapping up my arm and hand in 3 layers of bandages that would have made Egyptian undertakers envious. Then, enduring days of “what happened to your arm?” comments as I tried to explain (and just what is it about wrapped appendages that makes total strangers feel they can ask you all kinds of probing personal questions, anyway).

Now I have been outfitted with a custom made “compression garment” that came all the way from Germany special order for me. However, either the woman who measured me wrote the wrong numbers, has sloppy handwriting or someone doing the sewing in Germany had too many lagers for lunch as the glove does NOT fit right. I am pretty certain that my thumb should not be turning purple-black and going completely numb…

Back to the fitting room we go come Monday.

I was perusing the websites of the many fine purveyors of “compression devices” and was struck by how naughty this ailment sounds: there’s a whole assortment of lotions, bandages, padding and gauntlets complete with instructions for “donning and doffing.”

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean…

OK, I’m off to wrestle this arm sleeve on. It requires, and I am not kidding, that I wear rubber wash gloves to help pull it on. I’ll leave you with that sexy image 😉

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