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So. Very. Wrong!!!

I found this from reading little red boat and then onto A Lard Off My Mind:

So, there’s a candy bar called Fling chocolate fingers, which in itself is disturbing…

“How many flavors and sizes of FLING™ are there?

Milk Chocolate is available in a Single Pack of two fingers and a Multi-pack of 10 individually-wrapped fingers. Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut are only available everyday in Multi-pack cartons with 10 individually-wrapped fingers.”


in what is possibly the worst combination of words (and you just know the marketing whiz who thought of it was all a-titter at how clever he was) comes this sentence:

“Then you can pleasure yourself with this chocolate sensation time and time again.”



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Is anyone else getting a boatload of Russian spam lately? It seems very odd….

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Things are definately happening inside the cecropia moth cocoons!

Most of them are strapped on to the lilac bush outside (held in place with plastic wire ties around the branches NOT the cocoons) but a few are still left in my inside cage. I took a good look at the outside ones today and they are looking swollen and…well, just different. I think they will emerge any day (night) now.

The ones inside will probably not emerge as soon, but I do hear sounds of movement coming from within them. Wheee! I really hope I can get a nice picture of them before I release them.

In the meantime, please enjoy this short time lapse video giving you an idea of what’s happening inside their silky cocoons:

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book stack

Who am I kidding?

I just stacked up all the library books I have checked out right now (and that’s NOT counting the books on CD) and there is no way I will ever finish all of these.

Sometimes, I think all I am really doing is just moving books around from the library to home and back again….like a crazy courier service.

Well, at least I don’t buy as many this way….

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