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Destination Unknown

Life is so strange, indeed…

I should know by Wednesday if I am going to be laid off at the library (or, possibly, next week as there are union thingies that must be done, too). My state is one of the very few where public libraries depend on government funding to run. And, hey, you just might have heard this somewhere or other, but it seems our economy has tanked.

So now our library has to figure out how to make up a 3 million budget shortfall. Next year, we can add 4 million to that figure.

Dire times for public libraries here. And dire times for those of us with little seniority. I’ve never been laid off before but it seems highly likely (if not next month then it will be in January).

Which gets us back to the age old question: Now what?

Stay tuned…

Which Way To Go? by theevilmightyf.

(photo by theevilmightyf on Flickr)

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