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Frog-monumental Event  

(photo from shopsnohomish.com)

How come I never heard about this before?!

This is too cool. Out Washington (the state) way it seems they use a frog instead of a groundhog to predict the weather:

Snohomish Slew, the Meteorologist Frognosticator extraordinaire and mighty small hero to all the weather weary’ “Gets the Jump” on Punxsutawney Phil and his shadowy claim to fame.”

Bonus points for you if you can work “frognosticator” into a sentence at work tomorrow! Of course, you will want to read about the legend of the frog (which involves Bigfoot, of course).

It is a little known fact, but I have a modest collection of all things froggie (books, figurines, even a frog-shaped purse). Yet, this woman trumps my paltry holdings with over 9,000 collectible (collectible? frog trading cards, perhaps?) frogs.

Want to know what Snohomish Slew predicted? Check his Facebook page – -hey, everyone is on Facebook!- – here.

But the best news is that they no longer release this invasive bullfrog into the wild. Here’s a fun article about that with a great line about how the frog compares to a famous groundhog: “How do we know that Phil doesn’t have a secret frog in his pocket?”

So true!

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