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Madder than a Wet Bison?

I am finally getting around to editing the pictures from my short vacation trip. My sister and I went to Pokagon State Park and it was beautiful (even though the sled run wasn’t open). Well, except for the time it rained all day. And it was a cold, hard rain so it was not conducive to outdoor treks.

We did go to see some bison, though. The Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve offered a very nice truck tour (they call them buffalo on the signs because most Americans do not realize they are really bison). Because of the weather, we were their only customers at midday so we got to sit inside the truck and stay out of the rain. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and had some great stories. It was impressed upon us many times that we must NOT get out of the truck. The pictures don’t really do justice to just how massive these animals are.

Even though it was late in the year, we got to see a baby that had just been born a few days ago. We stayed pretty far back, as the mother was clearly very protective. But, here is my picture using the zoom limit on my camera and shooting through the rain:

Awww...a baby

Awww...a baby


Some of the herd (there are about 200):

Soggy, wet bison

Soggy, wet bison

 And the king of the lot: Bosco. He’s the oldest one and was raised from a calf so he sometimes comes right up to the truck (but not this time). And he’s a Woodland (or Wood) Bison, so he looks different.

For some great bison photos (without rain) check out this site. Great shots!

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