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Spider Bread

How cool is this!? This was my present for Sweetest Day (don’t even get me started on what a sham “holiday” this is!) from my husband who knows me so well. I love it! Thanks to Wixey Bakery for another wonderful creation.

It is, however, definitely not for eating as it is a bit, uh, firm. Slightly reminiscent of the Loaf of Death. I’m going to use it as a centerpiece until it becomes all moldy (although then I could say it was a hairy wolf spider?)

This isn’t quite the same thing, but I am sure you can modify this recipe and get a similar spider bread creation. Happy Halloween!

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The Loaf of Death!

Loaf of Death

In a fit of culinary creativity, I decided to bake something with out a real recipe.

This is quite remarkable because a.) I don’t normally cook much of anything that doesn’t require just pushing a microwave button and b.) even if I cook using a recipe to the letter it nearly always turns out inedible (G. I am SO glad you cook for us!)

I had some time and some left over ingredients that needed to be used up, so I went “freestyle” and tried to adapt a banana bread recipe (using Grape-Nuts as a walnut substitute may have been a bad idea….I know, I know, they aren’t real nuts but they ARE crunchy).

The result: The Loaf of Death!

I wouldn’t try to board a plane carrying this bread. Forget smuggling a file in the center, you could just bonk someone on the head with this loaf and they would be down for the count. The bread turned out to be quite…er, dense, shall we say (not unlike its creator!) 😉

It does, however, smell fantastic. Sigh.

p.s.: I was thinking, “what’s up with the name “Grape-Nuts” anyway and found this from Wikipedia:

Neither grapes nor nuts have ever been ingredients in the cereal. The original formula for Grape-Nuts called for grape sugar, which is composed mostly of glucose unlike most other sugar sources and food sweeteners which are principally sucrose. This, combined with the “nutty” flavor of the cereal inspired its name. But some employees at Post claim that the cereal got its name because the tiny nuggets resemble grape seeds or grape “nuts”.

There is a better and funnier explaination here at The Straight Dope.

And a bizzare old ad for the cereal from 1906 here….eww, ick!

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