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Happy (Indoor) Camper

The good thing about having a few days off is that you can do silly things. Like this:

Is that tent smiling?

Is that tent smiling?

Yes, we decided very, very late one night that we needed to go camping…indoors. So we set up the huge tent (it was a wedding gift…see, this is what happens when you give a man one of those gun bar code zapper thingies and let him loose in JC Penny’s…this tent has a dome light that has a remote and can be divided into two rooms…did I mention the remote?!) in the living room.

Um, there may have been some drinking involved, too. Just a wee bit.

Anyway, we discovered that when 40 year-olds sleep on the floor (despite having stuffed the futon mattress inside the tent…yeah, that was an adventure, too) their backs protest alarmingly the next morning. The tent also freaked the dog out.

I also got to finish two very good books. They are both labeled as “Teen” but I think they are for adults, too:

Nation by Terry Pratchett Nation by Terry Pratchett

                                                                The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

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