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No, I haven’t seen the new Batman movie…but I did find something very cool I want to build:

The Book Cave  :  Read about it in the New York Times here. I wonder if I can convince our library to put one in the children’s room?

Although I imagine it would need to be up a bit higher, as I can’t seem to get down and up as well as I used to when I was younger. Still, this reminds me of the cool bunk bed house my Dad made for me when I was in the first grade. He took a big piece of plywood and bolted it onto a standard bunk bed frame. It had a big circle cutout to provide access into the lower bunk bed and steps cut into one side so you could climb onto the top bunk. I loved that thing!

Here’s a way to combine the two:


  Click on the photos above and there’s a link to more pictures of the step-by-step building process. It has a bed inside and a little closet, too. Wheeee!

And, for everything bookshelf related…and I do mean everything…check out this blog. I like the twisted grandfather clock bookcase here and the oddly compelling yet insane idea of creating a bookstore shelved just by color here.

Finally, I think we can all see the irony here. The crafter turns books into shelves into art. Very nice! (oh, and another here, too).

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