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Verily, our tree was smote from above!

First off, everyone hates us this time of year because we have a HUGE cottonwood tree in the backyard. This tree was growing way before they built our house in the 1920’s but no one cares. All they see are the tufts of cottonwood seeds floating down into their yards, screens, pools, etc…

 blizzard of seeds

OK, I admit, it is a blizzard of seeds around this time of year. However, it does provide great shade and the leaves sound pretty when the wind blows. Other than that, it sheds branches and leaves like crazy and is a general pain.

Yesterday, lightning struck the tree. While I was not home, my husband and dog tell me it was quite an amazingly loud blast…well, at least I am guessing that’s what the tail between the legs and whimpering means…and I think the dog’s scared, too 😉

Here is a picture of where the lightning met the ground (although doesn’t it arc from the ground up? whatever). You can see that it kicked up a big hole in the earth.
don\'t sit under the cottonwood tree
 There are bits of shattered wood all over the backyard, the neighbors’ yards and even our front porch. That thing packed a powerful punch! 

shards \'o\' tree

Now, of course, we have to decide what to do…..we have an arborist coming out next week to take a look. I’ll keep you posted.



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