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Why, oh why, am I so cranky?

Can I blame this on menopause? (And just why is it called menopause and not menostop, anyway…) And, at what point do you transfer from being just cranky and become crotchety? (I’m guessing this must be around the time you start using phrases like “you kids get out of my yard!”)

Random sampling of library craziness:

1.) Oddly enough, after my last post, I had a patron come up and ask me if I would ask a young man (who was sitting at a computer terminal next to her and who was hacking loudly and repeatedly) to leave. I explained that, while I agreed I would not want him to cough on me, I could not legally make him leave. I suggested she move. (BTW, the kid was wearing a BK uniform so you may want to check your burgers over before eating them).

2.) A patron insisted that she could not log onto any of our computers because they were all “messed up.” After some quick checking of our software, I assured her that they were OK and they had no outstanding reservations (where patrons can reserve time spots) on any of them. No, she now loudly repeats, we are clearly just fucking with her as those computers do, indeed, have reservations. So, I show her my administrative screen which clearly shows that there are NO reservations and I suggest that perhaps she had mis-typed a pin number. No, she huffs, she’s not crazy! She knows what she’s doing!

After more teeth gritting questions on my part, we discover she has failed to log off of another computer. I explain that you cannot log onto more than one computer at a time and show her the log off button (which, although she claimed superior computer knowledge, she failed to either locate –at the top of the screen in bold letters–or use). Harumpf, says she.

3.) A woman is shopping on one of our public PCs for who-knows-what and discovers that the site she is on is displaying someone else’s credit card data on the payment screen (well, only the last 5 digits). She is shocked (shocked!) that on a public computer that there is this kind of information displayed. I start to explain about cookies and that this is a public PC, so that, you know, anyone can access it and put in information and she interrupts with, “I know what a cookie is…I work on computers as my job!!”

I suggest that, if she is concerned about data security that she might want to wait and use a more secure PC to complete her transaction. No, we cannot guarantee the security of her credit card information on our public PCs. She clicks around a bit and then gets mad that she can’t access the administrative controls. I try to explain that all the computers are locked against this for (what would seem obvious) good reasons. She grumbles but buys her stuff anyway.

Ah, well…I am counting down the days until my vacation. The first one in over a year…wahoo!

Is it wrong, then, to give all the kids in my story times sugary drinks and noisy toys and then send them back home to their parents? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

And now, for some light-hearted fun: The Fail Blog

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 Title Page (free image from www.fromoldbooks.org)

As I prepare to leave my job, I thought of all the things I have seen in my five years working in college admissions (lately, working as the admissions processor). So, I will offer up my sarcastic, cranky thoughts to you, the hopeful college applicant:

  1. If you pay your application fee with a check that has Precious Moments on it or you use little hearts on top of your “i”s, I will put your application at the bottom of the pile.
  2. Since listing your religion is optional, if you don’t know how to spell it just don’t put it on the application (examples seen: Bapist; Cathlick; Agnosetic (my favorite!)
  3. Having an unusual name will boost you to the top of the pile (personal favorite: “Precious Musgrove” followed by “Marajuana War”)
  4. Mysterious stains on your application? To the bottom of the pile!
  5. Application arrives in a teeny tiny envelope folded so many times it looks like an origami frog: bottom of the pile.
  6. If you keep making mistakes and end up crossing out large parts of your application (including your name…) just print out another one and start over, OK.
  7. If your writing is so illegible that doctors admire it, just type it or have a friend print it for you (this is followed closely by: it is probably in your best interest to include your address and phone number on the lines provided if you expect to get an admissions letter).
  8. You really ought to have someone in education give you a second opinion on your admission letter…and not just for spelling and grammatical errors. (Here are some actual bad ideas: mentioning that next week is your five year “Divorcearry”; starting off with “I always wanted to be either a cowgirl or a nurse…” and, finally, writing the letter in pencil and underlining the “important” parts). **look here for 2 amusingly bad college essays**
  9. If you call me over 3 times a day, asking if your transcript has arrived now…say it with me: bottom of the pile. Also, not helpful: leaving a message like, “Hey, this is Sarah wondering if my application arrived. Call me back”…I am supposed to know which Sarah out of the 100’s who applied AND to have memorized your phone number?!
  10. Finally, it pays to be nice to the person who is not only entering your application but will also be typing up your acceptance or denial letter…I wield more power than you know.

Best of luck to you in your education!

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