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You just have to love a quote like this:

In some online discussion groups, Avatar fans report feeling “suicidal” after realizing the 3-D world of Pandora doesn’t actually exist.”

Bummer, dude. So…gee, at what point do they realize this fictional, movie- screen, animated world isn’t real I wonder? Scary.

Another great quote from the same article is: “Personally, I was kind of “bummed out” after seeing it — but that was regret over “spending $20 on a film that contains the line ‘That’s the flux vortex.'”

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but our teen volunteer (the droll, sarcastic one who is 17 going on 40, kind of like Richard Lewis back when he was, ya know, funny) did and said that it was a waste of money and a remake of Dances With Wolves.

Fail Blog has a great photo showing how Avatar is really Disney’s movie Pocahontas:

epic fail pictures

For more fun, check out these video mash-ups 😉


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