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fall dandelion

Yup. Found this perky little fellow blooming for all it’s worth the other day. Seems to be pretty frost resistant, as we’ve had a few chilly nights. Guess that’s why they are so successful (especially in my yard…the neighbors hate me for this…oh, and the cottonwood tree in the spring, but that’s a whole ‘nother post).

Look, I’ll go out and spray RoundUp on poison ivy (because I can’t seem to kill it any other way…and I’ve tried pulling, cutting, and everything else short of toxic waste!) but I happen to like some color in my lawn. Nothing cheers me up like a field of yellow (rather than boring, uniform green grass). You’ve got to admire a plant that is so quickly adaptable to its environment (notice the ones that bloom lower after the first mowing).

I find it interesting that if you search for “dandelion” that the first thing that comes up in my smart browser (it’s so helpful it’s painful) is “dandelion+kill”….then “get rid of.” Must be a lot of foaming at the mouth over this little plant.

If you are looking for some good pictures and info on dandelions, check out this website.

(As always, please use commonsense before eating lawn-grown plants. Especially if you have dogs. And neighbors who spray or use Permagreen or whatever. Probably some extra zip you could do without). Basically, it’s a good leafy veg. In fact, it’s a multi-million business growing dandelions for the food supply (tell that to an irate neighbor) but mostly for European palates. Here’s some interesting info for farmers in Canada considering growing dandelions as a commercial crop…notice that you are NOT allowed to let them flower.

For your amusement, I offer up this wonderful series of Cruciferous Crusaders trading cards form the Leafy Greens Council…collect them all! Yeah, like this will make any kid eat more greens….Escarole Rex….yeesh!

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