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It seems so obvious now...

It seems so obvious now...

Just a little advice to a certain someone who works at my library:

I am often amazed by the things people do at the library but it is usually the patrons who are doing the odd things. Today, however, you did…er…well, let’s just say the word is “stunned.”

I suppose I can understand that certain emergency situations arise and action must be taken…but I don’t think that having a “not-so-fresh” feeling counts.

I think I speak for all staff (but especially for the male custodian) when I say that, in the future, you may want to strongly consider cleansing the inner naughty bits of yourself in the privacy of your own home and not the staff bathroom. Or, at the very least, hide the packaging AND the used plastic receptacle at the bottom of the dustbin.


No, really: ICK!

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