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rex libris screen saver 
(logo created by James Turner: visit his website to download this image to your desktop)

As I was editing the other day (a necessary but often tedious library task…hmmm, funny that they gave that job to the new guy, right…) I stumbled upon an interesting graphic novel (or comic, if you prefer and want to piss people off…) called Rex Libris, “I Librarian.”

That’s right, a graphic novel about rock-em sock-em librarians! Here is the lead in explaining that Rex fights:

“…against all forms of perfidy, from book-bashing boogeymen to moaning undead legions who ignore the “quiet please” sign. Not even superpowered delinquent alien children can abscond with books without signing them out while Rex is on the job. For the first time, the secret world of librarians and their daily struggle to protect civilization and the very knowledge it is founded upon is revealed!”

How can you not love that?!

I enjoyed James Turner’s work immensely, but my one gripe is that the book is kinda tiny and that makes the print even tinier (I should note that this was a bound collection of #1-5). My old eyes are just not up to that challenge. (I’ll have to ask “Q” if I can get those new bionic eyes…)

{For those librarians who are inclined to be easily offended: don’t take yourselves or your profession so seriously…have some fun!}

I would dearly love to photocopy a picture of Rex to tape to my desk, but you know I won’t since I have to uphold all copyright laws and whatnot (grumble) …but I am hoping there will be a print for sale at SLG Publishing in the future.

Speaking of librarian images (and special powers) reminds me of a great site: Librarian Avengers

You should also check out Batgirl was a Librarian

Finally, if you want a much longer (much, much longer) article on the image of librarians, look here.

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