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 Cool photo by Saint Plan

Well, this is slightly odd: WordPress keeps track of all the search terms that people use to stumble upon this blog. And the number one search term, by a huge and overwhelming majority is “under your kilt.”

I’m not sure if that means people are expecting something a wee bit naughty when they click on my blog or if they are just seriously way off track by coming here. Now, I do have this post, which features a stunning picture of a kilt by Kilt 2…

So, because I’m just a helpful kind of lass (and half Scottish), I’m going to give you, my poor misdirected passing visitor, some places to send you that you might actually be looking for:

First off, check out this silly “what’s under your kilt” website. It’s a mindless, very simple game that amused me for a while. If you are looking for a witty (and some not so witty) comeback to the question of what you have beneath, you can look at this site.

On a more practical level, this site has a great idea: kilt underwear! After all, wool is pretty scratchy…and I promise not to call it a slip.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer kilt or a traditional kilt, check out the unique American company Utilikilts. I have to say that they have some pretty cool stuff! Although, I’m not sure this will help the situation in Iraq….

If you are really feeling ambitious, you can find directions on how to make your own kilt at this comprehensive website.

Perhaps you are looking for the guidebook What’s Under Your Kilt?

Hopefully, you are well on your way to finding what you were looking for. Hey, feel free to check out the other posts here, though.

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Ants in your…kilt?

Apparently it is the height of “flying ant days” in Scotland and the government’s message? “Don’t panic!”

People are being urged not to panic after millions of flying ants appeared in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

According to the blogs I’ve seen, this is a regular annual event (much like the hatching of mayflies around Lake Erie). But this year, the ants are back with a vengence! I’m seeing the Hollywood potential here…Ants on a Plane!!!

And one can’t help but wonder about this quote in the context of wearing a kilt the traditional way:

“As with the ants most people recognise from picnics outside, the flying ants are capable of delivering a tiny nip, which can be equally alarming.”

Alarming, indeed!

Cool Colors, by Kilt2

(and watch out for that manifold, dude!) Photo from Kilt2

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