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Vintage Halloween Postcard Tuck 183 Witch on Broom by riptheskull. 

(Photo uploaded by Riptheskull) That’s actually pretty much what I looked like dressed up for the program…only, you know, without the flying..

Yeah, we hopped up a bunch of kids on high fructose corn syrup products last night at the library. And then we sent them home.

Tee hee.

And I am very, very tired. We had 79 kiddies at our Halloween bash and that’s not counting the camera-toting parents & grandparents. Still, there were some great moments. I got a hug from a little kid and another one of my storytime kids told me he loved me. Awwwww! Shucks::blushing::

Hopefully they will remember that after I scarred them all for life by “singing.” Did I mention that I can’t sing? ‘Cause I really, really can’t. But, I also have no shame. So, yes, I sang and danced in front of the crowd (but I didn’t use my jazz hands). Heck, it’s probably on YouTube. Now there’s a scary thought!

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