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Ugh! The next-to-last day at the old job today. Pretty much uncomfortable for everyone…well, mostly me. They are making it damn easy to leave.

I didn’t want a going away party but some coworkers wanted to have a lunch so I agreed (hey, free food, I mean, heck yeah). And I certainly did not expect anything, as I have only worked there for five years, but I guess it was pretty pathetic that only 3 people ended up at lunch with me. One of them was NOT┬ámy boss. She made it pretty clear that she could give a rat’s ass (although… she did buy the Chinese food).

The moral of the story here is that you can be a hard working employee and go the extra mile but in the end when you leave you are the enemy. And once you give your two weeks notice it’s dead man walking: you don’t want to be there and they don’t want the reminder that you are going off someplace better (with kittens, rainbows and pots of gold….wheeee!)

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