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For some reason, I couldn’t seem to get any sleep last night. So, I was laying in bed at 5:30 a.m. trying not to think about the fact that the alarm would go off soon and willing myself to get some shut eye (because THAT works so well…) and I heard a sound.

I sat upright, because I thought I recognized it. It was the haunting sound of a screech owl calling. As I listened, it came closer. In fact, it swooped in to the tree right out front and continued to call.

I love that sound! And if I had been asleep I would have missed it. It felt like a gift.

Sadly, a jet flew over and then that noise was combined with the ambient car traffic we get from living in the city so the owl was drowned out. It made me think about how much I must miss hearing by living in our industrialized society. (Not that I am advocating anything radical, I mean I am using a laptop computer now so I can’t be too overly critical…).

Still…heavy sigh.

The one place on earth I have been where it felt like there was absolute silence was a remote part of the North rim of the Grand Canyon. It was so quiet it was deafening. If you’ve been there (or someplace like it), you will know what I mean.

Should you want to hear the sound of a screech owl, go to this page and scroll to the bottom. Beautiful!

(Also, check out this page for photos and more info on the screech owl).

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