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Yes, like Daffy, I have taken a short trip.

I was coming downstairs and carrying the vacuum with the hose dangling. As I stepped onto the landing, the hose went right under my (bare) foot. This caused my foot to roll over the tube so that I came down with my entire body weight on the bent over toes of my right foot, causing a nasty sounding crack.

Words were said.

As they hung there, making the air blue, my toe started to turn purple and black and swell up.

The doc (in a box) says he can’t see any fractures, but that a radiologist will take a closer look later. He did say that I most certainly tore/hyper-extended/fubared the ligaments in my second toe. So, I am to stay off my feet as much as possible for THREE WEEKS.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

My boss was not pleased and I can’t say as I’m too thrilled about it either. I have to tape my toes together for these weeks and wear flat clogs.

It does, however, give me an excuse to say things like, “Oh, your book is over there ::pointing vaguely:: but I can’t go get it, sorry.” It also means I have a lovely excuse for delaying that exercise plan.

Still, it really hurts 😦

Anyway, check out this site for some silly fun:


My favorite is the Greek God Generator:

‘Hekotrophos, Goddess of Unruly Neighbors and Burritos”

“Nethassa, Goddess of Pork and Dustbunnies”

…followed closely by the Twitter one.

“Swimmingly bombastic and tripping about noodles.”

“Politically bemused and dreaming of stubbed toes.”

Hmmm, how apropos.

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