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The trip to Florida was a much needed respite. We had plenty of sunshine and warm temps. I had high hopes of going out and looking for scrub jays and other fun things, but I mostly ended up just reading and sitting around the beach.

Not that I was sunbathing, mind you. When you have fair skin and your father is a red-head, you tend to slather on the sunscreen (I think I had SPF 270….).

But seriously, the picture below shows the view from one of the beach cafes we sat at….how could you not just linger (and yes, there was a wee bit of drinking, too).


The one thing I did NOT expect was the amount of plastic washed up on the beach. When we last went down to visit my father, about two years ago, there was quite a lot of plastic on the beach.

But that was nothing compared to what it is now. You couldn’t walk along the wrack line looking for shells unless you were wearing shoes or you would cut your feet open on the jagged plastic waste. All I could think of was that not only was it going to keep getting worse but that these things would be around for thousands of years to come.

Here’s an interesting site that encourages you to collect the plastic, make an art sculpture out of it and then recycle it. There are some intriguing creations there and you should look at this picture, too. (BTW, if you put in “plastic” and “beach” together in a Yahoo search, I find it amusing that cosmetic surgeons are what pops up).

Want more bad news? Check this out: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Bigger Than Texas

Despite all of the waste, I did manage to find a few sea beans! The three I found seem to be the more common Hamburger Bean (Mucuna sloanei), which look like….well, duh! These are apparently bat pollinated flowers, according to this article. Sea beans can travel amazing distances on the ocean and look beautiful when they are polished.

Thumbnail for version as of 21:55, 8 March 2008 (from Wikipedia)

While searching through the wrack line, I also found this pretty seaweed (at least, I think it’s seaweed..)

Anyone know what it is?

Anyone know what it is?


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Happy (Indoor) Camper

The good thing about having a few days off is that you can do silly things. Like this:

Is that tent smiling?

Is that tent smiling?

Yes, we decided very, very late one night that we needed to go camping…indoors. So we set up the huge tent (it was a wedding gift…see, this is what happens when you give a man one of those gun bar code zapper thingies and let him loose in JC Penny’s…this tent has a dome light that has a remote and can be divided into two rooms…did I mention the remote?!) in the living room.

Um, there may have been some drinking involved, too. Just a wee bit.

Anyway, we discovered that when 40 year-olds sleep on the floor (despite having stuffed the futon mattress inside the tent…yeah, that was an adventure, too) their backs protest alarmingly the next morning. The tent also freaked the dog out.

I also got to finish two very good books. They are both labeled as “Teen” but I think they are for adults, too:

Nation by Terry Pratchett Nation by Terry Pratchett

                                                                The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

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