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Animal Skulls that Spin…Wheeee!

  Mastodon or Mammoth Skull

Yale Collection of Western Americana, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

OK, I meant to link to this part of UM’s Museum of Zoology in the last post but forgot. I guess I’m just geeky enough to find it amusing to play with spinning animal skulls. (They would also be very useful for students to use in ID classes, but for now I just like to spin them ’round and ’round). 😉  You will need QuickTime in order to use this feature, BTW.

Should you want to see a spinning human skull, look here. And for a list of books and on-line resources on animal skull ID, check out this teacher’s resource guide. Finally, if you want to see some very weird animal skulls and an awesome educational website, check out the California Academy of Sciences “Skull” online exhibit.

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