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Aaak! It's Zombie Patrons from Hell!

I must first confess that I am not THE actual snarky librarian…you should check out this very funny blog instead, if that’s what you are looking for.

No, this is just a continuation of the previous snarky themes here in my blog. Tonight was a doozy…

Look, with my background I am usually the first one to support science inquiry. And, “yay, you” for studying outside of school. But, no, you cannot construct a mini wrecking ball in between the shelves of the Children’s Area and block all access down that aisle…(using, mind you, stacks of hastily pulled books to weigh down the top of the yard stick) and then experiment with knocking down different sizes of books. No.

The teacher/tudor/supposed adult did not see my logic, leading me to wish I could do a few experiments in force/motion myself right then…

Also, another bike was stolen tonight. I think the image from the security camera is very nice: the bike being taken as it rests right against the sign that says, in all caps: “LOCK YOUR BIKES; BIKES ARE BEING STOLEN.” Guess whose daddy stormed in to complain about the theft? Yes, the man driving the Hummer. Can’t afford the $10 lock, huh?

Finally, we had a mom with a straggling toddler who just couldn’t seem to make it to the checkout counter before closing time (even though we do announce it over the PA system at fifteen minutes & five minutes till). OK, that happens. But then she proceeds to plop 12 DVDs on the counter along with a stack of books, some of which need to be renewed and fines paid, & oh, she has some books on hold to pick-up, too.

So, now we are all waiting. We can’t lock up until she leaves, so this other family comes walking in, saying they just need to drop off some books. Sure, OK, fine, drop your books and vamoose. But, nooooo. They now want me to find a mystery book for their tween son who doesn’t like to read and what would I recommend…

When I explain that we are now 15 minutes past our closing time and that I would be happy to take her name and get back with her tomorrow on that, she gets huffy. She strides off through the stacks saying she’ll just find something on her own.

Yeah…I don’t think so. You know, it’s amazing how dark the stacks are when you turn off all the lights at once. Yes, I am an SOB. But it felt good to do it. Tee hee!

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Ugh! The next-to-last day at the old job today. Pretty much uncomfortable for everyone…well, mostly me. They are making it damn easy to leave.

I didn’t want a going away party but some coworkers wanted to have a lunch so I agreed (hey, free food, I mean, heck yeah). And I certainly did not expect anything, as I have only worked there for five years, but I guess it was pretty pathetic that only 3 people ended up at lunch with me. One of them was NOT my boss. She made it pretty clear that she could give a rat’s ass (although… she did buy the Chinese food).

The moral of the story here is that you can be a hard working employee and go the extra mile but in the end when you leave you are the enemy. And once you give your two weeks notice it’s dead man walking: you don’t want to be there and they don’t want the reminder that you are going off someplace better (with kittens, rainbows and pots of gold….wheeee!)

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