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Song of the Tick

 Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis (deer tick image from Wikipedia Commons)

While doing some online research (that’s a way to surf the web AND get paid for it!) I came across an amusing song about ticks. Oddly enough, there aren’t many lyrical odes to these small blood sucking creatures…

Larry Heagle came up with the amusing Wood Tick Song. Check out the full lyrics at his website.

 I have to admit that even though I like most creepy crawlies, ticks creep me out!

When I used to work at a nature center, I would always find at least one crawling on my clothing this time of year. Luckily, they had never embedded. I remember one irate parent called to complain that they had found a tick (fully engorged…ha, now all the porn sites will stumble across this link!) on their kid after they had hiked the trails. I guess they forgot to buy their body-size plastic bubble at the gift shop before setting out on their walk…or perhaps they missed the nature trail marked “Nature Without all the Icky Stuff This Way.”

Now, don’t confuse ticks with this superhero:

(Gotta watch out for that Apocalypse Cow…)

          p.s.: I know it’s not an insect but I can’t edit my categories…it will have to be close enough

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