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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

In an apparent effort to become finalists in the Darwin Awards, some local ice fisherman made national headlines.

While we did have quite a stretch of brutally cold weather for a number of weeks, the temps suddenly warmed up into the upper 40’s and it was sunny and very windy. I would think that it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that: warm weather=melting ice. PLUS, there was already a crack in the ice. But, no, according to the local paper:

“Authorities and fishermen said the ice-fishing enthusiasts had crossed a narrow crack in the ice on a plywood board about 1,000 yards from shore in the early morning, but warming air and brisk winds from the south caused the crack to widen by midmorning.”

175 of them had to be rescued by the Coast Guard and local rescue agencies (at a cost of somewhere around $20,000). Did they have to pay for this or were they fined? Heck, no.

In fact, the very next day they came back out to get the equipment they left behind! Said one fire chief:

“We can’t stop them permanently. They have the right to be stupid, I guess. But it’s disheartening for my guys to see them going right back out there.”

Good grief.

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So, I am three months into the whole librarian gig and not a fresh-faced kid anymore (can you really be fresh at 39, anyway?). I still like it but I can, indeed, see why some people get burned out.

While I knew there would be weirdos, as I have worked in the public sector for over 10 years, I had no idea the sheer number and scope of oddness. And stupidity.

Now, I’m certainly no stranger to stupidity, as you know. But somedays I despair for the future of this country. Here’s a good one for you:

A very nice young woman came in and I started to help her look for some materials she needed. As I was searching through a database, she noticed my nametag and commented, with complete and utter seriousness, “Wow, I can’t believe your last name is ‘Librarian’! I guess you had to go in to this line of work, huh.” I then had to explain to her that everyone here behind the desk has this last name…as our name tags have only our first names and then job title below that.

Oh, don’t think I wasn’t tempted to make a different remark….


On a different note… This library blog always makes me laugh: Miss Information

She’s witty, funny and I wish to hell I could write like her (grumble, grumble). Ah, well.

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