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So. Very. Wrong!!!

I found this from reading little red boat and then onto A Lard Off My Mind:

So, there’s a candy bar called Fling chocolate fingers, which in itself is disturbing…

“How many flavors and sizes of FLING™ are there?

Milk Chocolate is available in a Single Pack of two fingers and a Multi-pack of 10 individually-wrapped fingers. Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut are only available everyday in Multi-pack cartons with 10 individually-wrapped fingers.”


in what is possibly the worst combination of words (and you just know the marketing whiz who thought of it was all a-titter at how clever he was) comes this sentence:

“Then you can pleasure yourself with this chocolate sensation time and time again.”



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Two very wrong situations at the library recently:

     1.) A young boy comes running in and heads for the new children’s books. He is followed by his annoyed grandmother who yells, “NO BOOKS! You can’t get any books, only videos!”             

     Poor little kid. He got the short straw for a grandparent. (I should note that this boy, who is about seven years old, always says, “Hello, how are you?” and “Thank you very much” to the circulation clerks…he’s a real gentleman).

     2.) A very cute toddler is wandering around the library wearing nothing but a diaper. Mom is sitting at a table up front on her cell phone and doesn’t seem to care that her child is sitting on the floor (the floor of a busy public library) nearly naked and all alone. The kid is picking up litter off the floor and putting it in his mouth. When informed of this situation, she yells at one of her older (meaning about age five) kids to go get the child. The older sister then grabs the toddler’s arm and starts pulling causing, naturally, quite a loud struggle.              

     Rinse and repeat this scenario. I think you should have to be licensed before you are allowed to be a parent.


Finally, this situation is kind of sad, really: A nice little boy, around age six, regularly comes into the library alone around 3:00 p.m. He sits at a table, pulls out his backpack and doodles until 5:30 p.m. when his mother arrives from work to pick him up. It just seems sad that the library is his default day care center.

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(Yes, I’m still listening to kid music Cd’s since I am a children’s librarian and need to use this stuff for programs…)

In a previous post, I had mentioned the very odd music Cd’s and videos from Mother Goose Rocks.

Well, now we have another series of odd music for kiddies: Rockabye Baby!

They take popular artists and perform their songs as lullabies for kids. This gets very, very odd when you discover the “lullaby renditions” of The Cure. Gee, oddly enough, they choose not to do a version of “Killing an Arab”…..wonder why…..

These are all instrumentals done mainly with, …are you ready for this…, a glockenspiel, vibraphone and mellotron. I’m not sure how that transfers for the Metallica album but the Beach Boys one stinks. Check out all the odd titles here!

Awww…they have a music box version of “Mother’s Little Helper” from the Rolling Stones so you can lull your wee little babe to sleep with a song about tranquilizer misuse….so sweet and lovely!

Oh, I can’t wait to see what comes out next…

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The mouse tells Alice a story

(not Mother Goose but implies weirdness… fromoldbooks.org) 

While researching some possible music to use at baby story time (it’s a dirty job but …), I stumbled across this oddness.

Mother Goose Rocks, Volume 3

Great googly moogley! They made 5 volumes of this?! I feel ill.

You really should take a listen yourself. They have taken popular hit pop songs and changed the lyrics to match nursery rhymes. For example, a Maddonna-ish singer doing “Wheels on the Bus” to the tune of “Ray of Light.” Oh, the pain, the pain…(channel your inner Dr. Smith).

As a prime example, I give you the remake of a Gwen Stefani song that makes me cringe (and do we really want a reference of “around the bush” in a Stefani song for kids 😉 I’m guessing this is to appeal to the parents of the little pikers. Someone, say, Brittany’s age…or her sister, perhaps?

I do have to admit that this video spoof of U2 doing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” did make me laugh. Enjoy!

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