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The Silkie is iconic for its unusual fur-like plumage

Yes, I have been spending WAY too much time at I Can Has Cheezburger (which you either love or hate…there is no middle ground).

I just found out about this organization that encourages city dwellers to keep chickens, Urban Chickens. A local food/garden organization that helps establish garden plots for low income inner city residents is giving this a try, too. I’m curious to see how it turns out, as they are also going to have goats.

And now…I want a chicken! Last summer, my sister and I went to the county fair and saw some very freaky and some very beautiful chickens. Wish I had some pics from that…maybe next time. Not that I really could handle the work required to keep chickens even if I did live in a “pro-chicken city” (as their website says…I can just see that on the signs entering the city now…).

Check out the design for the Chicken Tractor…how cool is that!

Now for something very, very strange: You’ve got to know your chicken

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