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Verily, our tree was smote from above!

First off, everyone hates us this time of year because we have a HUGE cottonwood tree in the backyard. This tree was growing way before they built our house in the 1920’s but no one cares. All they see are the tufts of cottonwood seeds floating down into their yards, screens, pools, etc…

 blizzard of seeds

OK, I admit, it is a blizzard of seeds around this time of year. However, it does provide great shade and the leaves sound pretty when the wind blows. Other than that, it sheds branches and leaves like crazy and is a general pain.

Yesterday, lightning struck the tree. While I was not home, my husband and dog tell me it was quite an amazingly loud blast…well, at least I am guessing that’s what the tail between the legs and whimpering means…and I think the dog’s scared, too 😉

Here is a picture of where the lightning met the ground (although doesn’t it arc from the ground up? whatever). You can see that it kicked up a big hole in the earth.
don\'t sit under the cottonwood tree
 There are bits of shattered wood all over the backyard, the neighbors’ yards and even our front porch. That thing packed a powerful punch! 

shards \'o\' tree

Now, of course, we have to decide what to do…..we have an arborist coming out next week to take a look. I’ll keep you posted.



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Tree in the middle of the Road

I love this road! In my neighborhood there is a street that has tree growing right in the middle of it. Smack dab in the middle. I can’t figure out who had enough pull with the city to make sure they didn’t cut it down when they paved the road.

Still, I am worried it may not last much longer. It is beginning to hollow out from both sides and since we live in such a litigious society I’m sure someone will call and have it cut down. Sigh. Guess I will have to enjoy it while I can.

After some looking, it seems this may be more common than I first thought. Perhaps it is just road workers dodging some extra work? “Hey, our plans don’t say anything about removing a tree…aaw, just pave around it!”

Might have to start a Flickr group just for trees in the middle of the road…check this out for another paved and this for an unpaved one. This one is the best, though, for size and lushness of foliage.

Apparently, a tree in the middle of the road can be a tourist attraction….that is, if you live in Iowa. According to their tourism website:

A surveyor was marking the line between Audubon and Cass counties and used a slender cottonwood branch as he walked. When the line was established, he pushed it in the soft earth at the exact point where the lines crossed and where the present crossroad was to be in later years. The switch took root and it has grown into today’s tall and widespread 100 foot tree. To reach the “Tree in the Road” from 71 Highway at the town of Brayton travel east on County Road T to F-65, and follow the green “Tree in the Road” signs on the gravel roads.  From Exira, go east on F-58 and follow the green  “Tree in the Road” sign.   

Personally, I want to see the “tree in road” signs 😉

Of course, when you visit there don’t forget to also see such exciting attractions as the plow stuck in the tree:

At PLOW IN THE OAK PARK” one mile south of Exira, there is a legend that a farmer went off to the Civil War leaving his plow against the sapling. As it grew, the plow became a part of the tree. Today, less and less of the plow is visible but there stands yet, a large oak tree, with an iron plow in its heart. It has been written about nationally, as one of the country’s “Famous Trees”, and even by Ripley’s “Believe It or Not”.

Heady stuff. Not a tree but still odd, Albert, the “world’s largest bull” (according to them) is also nearby. And no, that is NOT an udder in the picture…you can find some great pictures of Albert here and a fact sheet here.    ***Just so you know, I did drive by the World’s Largest Holstein Cow in North Dakota. It was nice to see SOMETHING that wasn’t flat at that point in my road trip across the state, but I do think the veins on the udder are creepy looking…

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