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but are, actually, just names of various plants/animals/etc…Scientific Cursing, if you will.

This post is due to finding a fantastic creature name from a cool site suggested by Garfman. So, it’s a short list, because it’s late and I don’t fancy sitting up searching for these all night, but here is a start. Please feel free to suggest others that should go here:

  1. Cretaceous Rudist!
  2. Alien Leafy Spurge!
  3. Aberrant sessile suspension-feeding marine bivalve!
  4. Great Spangled Fritillary!
  5. Crepuscular Insect!

(OK, Linda, I know you canĀ  think of some more…..)

Also, I stumbled upon this site about words when I was looking up things: Wordie “Like Flickr, but without the photos”

Kinda fun…..check it out!

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