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(You just KNOW Freud would have had a field day with this illustration!)

I had two very different conversations with two kids this week at the library. They went a little like this:

Conversation #1:

     After a program, I am looking at some children’s books we had set out with a boy in 4th grade. He is talking about one of the pictures when he suddenly stops mid-sentence, wrinkles his nose and says,

      Boy: “What smells!?”

      Me: “Not me!” After I pretend to smell my pits in an exaggerated way (Hey, am I classy or what).

     He then mimics me, smells his pits, looks surprized and says,

     Boy: “Ug. It’s me!”


Conversation #2:

 I am sitting at the Reference Desk when a very diminutive 4th grade boy walks up and says,

     Boy: “Can you tell me where the philosophy section is?”

     Me: (being a good librarian and asking for more info) Yes, but we have a lot of books in that area… can you tell me more about what type of book you want? (blah, blah, blah)”

     Boy: “Well, I’m looking for books written by Nietzsche.”

     Me: “Nietzsche???!!!” (Jaw dropping to floor)

     Boy: “Yes, he was a great philosopher…I’ve already finished reading Kierkegaard so I thought I’d try Nietzsche now. Do you want me to spell his name for you?”


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