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You just have to love a quote like this:

In some online discussion groups, Avatar fans report feeling “suicidal” after realizing the 3-D world of Pandora doesn’t actually exist.”

Bummer, dude. So…gee, at what point do they realize this fictional, movie- screen, animated world isn’t real I wonder? Scary.

Another great quote from the same article is: “Personally, I was kind of “bummed out” after seeing it — but that was regret over “spending $20 on a film that contains the line ‘That’s the flux vortex.'”

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but our teen volunteer (the droll, sarcastic one who is 17 going on 40, kind of like Richard Lewis back when he was, ya know, funny) did and said that it was a waste of money and a remake of Dances With Wolves.

Fail Blog has a great photo showing how Avatar is really Disney’s movie Pocahontas:

epic fail pictures

For more fun, check out these video mash-ups 😉

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Back when I was working as a naturalist, I lamented that the annual professional conferences of the big name organization were:

  1. Far away
  2. Too expensive for regular naturalists to afford
  3. Offering the same shtick you got at the local conferences

It seems the same is true for the American Library Association Conferences. The upcoming one in Chicago is exorbitantly expensive and that’s not including housing and food (AND drinks…I weep for you, Chicago when the librarians are turned loose…).

And what does your hard-earned moola get you? Some innovative library speakers? Some literary experts?

Sorry, no.

Instead you get:

“James Van Praagh

Saturday, July 11, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
James Van Praagh is a “survival evidence medium,” meaning that he is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead, by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages.Van Praagh’s unique paranormal experiences during the past
25 years have been recorded in his New York Times bestselling books Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond: A Teen’s Guide to the Spiritual World and Mediation with James Van Praagh. He has also produced a number of television programs, including a hit primetime series, “Ghost Whisperer,” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. He has made numerous guest appearances on shows such as “Oprah,” “Larry King Live,” “20/20,” “48 Hours” and “Biography.” His first
memorable encounter was at the age of eight, when he prayed for God to reveal Himself to him and an open hand appeared through the ceiling of his room. Today, Van Praagh is recognized as one of the foremost mediums in the world. In addition to speaking with the deceased, he says he can “feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased,” as well as see the spirit in solid form.”

Seriously. Seriously?!

Shit, why don’t you invite Sylvia Browne, too?! I can picture it now: Psychic Reference Desk. When patrons walk up to the desk we just hand them a book and say knowingly, “This is the book you are truly searching for…I sense it!”

I did laugh at the name of this program in the Children & Young Adults track: ‘Where You Can Go with Every Child Ready to Read.”

Oh, I can tell you where to go….;-p





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It seems so obvious now...

It seems so obvious now...

Just a little advice to a certain someone who works at my library:

I am often amazed by the things people do at the library but it is usually the patrons who are doing the odd things. Today, however, you did…er…well, let’s just say the word is “stunned.”

I suppose I can understand that certain emergency situations arise and action must be taken…but I don’t think that having a “not-so-fresh” feeling counts.

I think I speak for all staff (but especially for the male custodian) when I say that, in the future, you may want to strongly consider cleansing the inner naughty bits of yourself in the privacy of your own home and not the staff bathroom. Or, at the very least, hide the packaging AND the used plastic receptacle at the bottom of the dustbin.


No, really: ICK!

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While browsing through the Sunday ads, I can across this very odd one:



WTF?! Do people really buy these things? And who can I give one to as a gag gift…hmmmm….

I love the inset picture of the woman puting that up her nose…complete with water dripping out the other nostril. Oh right, like she would be smiling with water shooting up her nose….wheeee!

Smile, though your nose is dripping...

Smile, though your nose is dripping...

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I have had this blog up and limping along now for one year. Is time speeding up?

Traditionally, one lists some of the goofy search terms (WordPress keeps track of this) that people used to stumble upon the blog, so here it goes…

Let’s call it: I don’t know what you were looking for but boy are you in the wrong place!

“newts lime water”                       (sounds like a new Jones Soda flavor to me)

“help her into the top bunk”        (WTF?!)

“valerie worth the groundhog”      (the banjo gets angry at midnight!)

“comic strips about road workers”   (a niche market, I’m sure)

“brain matters bankruptcy”               (running on empty myself…)

“smuggling animal skulls”               

“varmit teeth”

“terable [sic] noise ever”

“spider bits”                                 (very tiny, indeed)

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