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I have had this blog up and limping along now for one year. Is time speeding up?

Traditionally, one lists some of the goofy search terms (WordPress keeps track of this) that people used to stumble upon the blog, so here it goes…

Let’s call it: I don’t know what you were looking for but boy are you in the wrong place!

“newts lime water”                       (sounds like a new Jones Soda flavor to me)

“help her into the top bunk”        (WTF?!)

“valerie worth the groundhog”      (the banjo gets angry at midnight!)

“comic strips about road workers”   (a niche market, I’m sure)

“brain matters bankruptcy”               (running on empty myself…)

“smuggling animal skulls”               

“varmit teeth”

“terable [sic] noise ever”

“spider bits”                                 (very tiny, indeed)

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The Month of Ugh-ust

Ugh! I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy as I have this month. Meaning that I am neglecting my blog (but then again, who cares anyway??).

So, how about a few rapid-fire posts (because I feel like it, that’s why…).

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